Top 4 Budget Smartphones for June 2019

Top 4 Budget Smartphones

Top 4 Budget Smartphones like Xiaomi and Honor are the budget kings when it comes to budget Smartphones laced with Full Feature. They are returned with a new design and packs lion-sized power for the price of a Chihuahua!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

The Note 7 Pro is seriously punching out in every direction this time and clawing into the budget market with its predatory pricing. An all-new processor, a skimpier notch, more megapixels than your average joe and glass back body.

The Dot Notch display is a perfect example of notch trends shifting their diets. In contrast, the iPhone’s notch looks like a scalpel scar next to an injection poke of this single-camera notch.

At 2340*1080, the pixel count is common for the size but this is not your regular LCD screen. According to Xiaomi, the Redmi Note 7 Pro uses an LTPS panel which basically has a better refresh rate and stays cooler than most displays.

There’s still a lot happening inside the Note 7 Pro and it’s in the peak of Top 4 Budget Smartphones. For starters, the new gen processor offers better battery efficiency over the Redmi Note 6 Pro even if you’re still unconvinced by the mammoth 4000mAh battery. To top it off, Redmi Note 7 Pro also supports Quick Charge 4, though you’ll have to wait for some time for the chargers to roll out in the market.

If PUBG and social media is your priority then the Redmi Note 7 Pro is your calling at the lowest possible price. Games run ever so smoothly and the camera offers plenty of flexibility and potential.

Tech Specs:

Screen:  6.3in 2340-1080 Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Processor:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 675


Storage: 64GB/128GB

Battery: 4000 mAh

Camera: 48MP+5MP

Dimension: 159.2* 75.2*8.1mm

Weight:  186g

Colour:  Tilt back and forth and you’ll be greeted with different shades of the primary colour. For instance, Nebula Redshifts from a pinkish hue to a magenta colour. Space black is more sombre with no gradient for boring people.

Hungry Hungry Hippos:  Keep in mind that with 48MP, the photos come out heavy in size. So Xiaomi has said that the phone’s camera is set to 12Mp by default because shots from a 48MP camera could eat up your storage quickly.

Conclusion:  Stuff says Xiaomi has done it again, this is the best budget Smartphone. Forty-eight. That’s how many megapixels Xiaomi’s crammed into its rear camera sensor. it uses the same sensor as the Honor View 20 and packs a 5 MP telephoto lens too. The photos on this thing come out very, very good. Even the Night mode is impressive. It manages to pick up details that would be missing on the darker shades of the image and does so without blowing up the exposure.

Honour 10 Lite starting from Rs. 13,999

What’s the story?

Lite and Pro phones have become a part of the buying experience. Honour though has taken a different approach with this Lite tag and thrown a ton of stuff at this Top 4 Budget Smartphones. The result is a device that does feel compromised in any way. Especially when you see it in person and consider the selling price.

Is it any good?

The 10 Lite may be budget offering from Honor, but they have indeed put some effort into it. It’s built well, looks sleek and beautiful with a bright 6.2-inch FHD+ screen. While the exteriors are quite the catch, it has a super snappy Kirin 710 processor and 4/6GB RAM that makes sure it blazes through everyday tasks without any hiccups.

Tech Specs:

Screen: 6.2in Full HD+

Processor: Hi-Silicon Kirin 710


Camera: 13MP + 2MP rear, 24MP Front

Storage: 64GB

Battery: 3400mAh

Conclusion: Stuff Says that probably the best-looking budget Smartphone we have we have ever tested.

Asus Zenfone Max (M2) Starting from Rs. 8,499

What’s the story?

Not long ago, Smartphones around the Rs.10K mark were nothing to boast about with most of them being quite unappealing. It’s 2019 though and the speed at with budget phones are catching up to flagships is faster than new and innovative features appearing on flagships. This Asus embodies that progress.

Is it any good?

Fingerprint sensor, 4000mAh battery, dual rear cameras, stock Android OS and a 6.2-inch display. The Zenfone Max M2 offers value for money like no other smartphone. The processor might be a bit on the slower spectrum but the light Stock Android OS more than makes up for it. What’s more, it makes for a pretty good snapper as well.

Tech Specs:

Screen: 6.2in HD+

Processor: Snapdragon 632 RAM 3GB

Camera: 12MP + 2MP rear, 8MP front

Storage: 32GB

Battery: 4000mAh

Conclusion: Stuff says that If the value for money is all you need, the Asus is the one you keep.

Oppo K1 starting from Rs. 16,990

What’s the story?

Unless you have been living under a rock, it’s near impossible to ignore the enormous and plentiful hoardings this Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been putting up in recent years. Credit where credit’s due though, Oppo has been at the forefront of innovation and bringing flagship features to the masses.

Is it any good?

The K1 from Oppo is especially good at providing premium features on a budget, with a quick in-display fingerprint sensor, a rear camera that surprises in terms of sharpness and a front camera that exposes correctly. All that in a beautiful, well-built body, a UI that is quick and snappy, albeit a bit cartoony and bloatware-y. Feature-list isn’t it?

Tech Specs:

Screen: 6.4in AMOLED

Processor: Snapdragon 660


Storage: 64 GB

Camera: 16MP + 2MP rear, 25MP front

Battery: 3600mAh

Conclusion: Stuff says that the in-display fingerprint sensor on the K1 sets it apart from the rest.


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